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Watch Penguins on the Set Explode – The Flash

The shows I’m watching for this segment of the blog are all pretty great. There are some I watch (Vikings, I’m looking at you) where the chances to spot a penguin are slim to none. If I haven’t found a penguin to post for the week I will skip those types of shows in favor of better penguin odds. I hadn’t found a penguin yet, but I agreed to watch The Flash with my son. For some reason, I didn’t expect to find a penguin on this one. I guess because Batman’s Penguin is in a different world? The Flash is in the Marvel Universe. Anyway, it’s a show we both enjoy, so I only watch it when we can do so together. We’re only on season one, so no spoilers,y’all!

So, we’re sitting there watching the 21st episode of season one, Grodd Lives, and all is normal when suddenly, you know what’s coming, you know what I’m about to say, right? I SAW A PENGUIN!

The Flash - Penguin Shot 1
The Flash – Penguin Shot 1

I could not hold in my excitement and Cody was all, “What is wrong with you, Mom?” The penguin was still on the screen and I’m all “you don’t know?” I had to rewind to the beginning of the penguin scene and let him figure it out.

The Flash - Penguin Shot 2
The Flash – Penguin Shot 2

So awesome! Except the part where it blows up.

The Flash - Penguin Shot 3
The Flash – Penguin Shot 3

Poor little penguin van. ?

It’s so exciting to see a penguin on a show when I’m not actively looking for one! Maybe I should take that approach more often! After all…

Proverbial Penguin - p1
“A watched pot never boils” -Proverbial Penguin


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Have a great weekend!


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