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You do not even know how excited I get when I see a penguin on a show I’m watching. If they made real chill pills I would have to pop one before each episode. Oh, I guess that would be a valium or something. I don’t want to do that because then the penguins I see may or may not be real. I do want to share them with y’all, soooo…. here’s this week’s Penguins on the Set!

I’ve been watching another Amazon original called Transparent. It’s a drama/ comedy starring Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light. You may remember Tambor from The Ropers back in 1979/ 80, or more recently in Arrested Development 2003-2013. He has a very long list on IMDB so I’m sure you’ve seen him in something. Light was the star of Who’s the Boss back in 1984-92. More recently for her is the Dallas reboot 2013-14. She has a long list as well. The rest of the cast is great as well. The casting of the Pfefferman kids as adults and kids is amazing.

So, I’ve been watching this show for a little while. I had actually given up on seeing a penguin in this show, because it seemed like they were always in the same places. Well, Judith’s character decided to go visit Aunt Judy and lo and behold Aunt Judy had a stuffed penguin sitting on her lap. How excited was I? So excited y’all!


But wait! In my excitement I almost didn’t realize there were more penguins on the coffee table.


But wait again! When I took in the whole picture I realized the entire freakin’ room was full of penguins!



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Have a great day!

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