This Week There are 2 Penguins in tha House!

Maybe I should call this one Penguins in tha Yard? Nah, I walked these penguins out to the backyard and took pics of them. I actually wasn’t planning on using them for this week’s segment, but as I was making more wall hangings I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. (Not penguins!)

Eraser Penguin

This first little guy is an eraser. I also have one at my desk at work, but this one was given to me by my great-niece. I do not use them to actually erase things.

Eraser Penguin – 5

Knick-knack Penguin

This one I have had since middle school. I do not remember where I got him, but he has been around a long time! So cute even with his chipped nose!

Knick-Knack Penguin – 6

Wall Hangings

I was searching the web for pics of penguins to use for my little wall hangings. Then I realized that I am writing a blog about liking penguins, so I must have a few around the house! Voila! I cut the pics into circles and transferred them to wood. Now they just need some Mod Podge and they can go up on my Etsy store!

outdoorpenguin1 outdoorpenguin2 02171601 02171604

And that’s penguins 5 and 6! Tune in next week for penguin 7…and maybe 8?

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