Penguins on the Set

This Penguin is Hung!

Penguins on the Set

Love penguin spotting when I’m watching TV! This week’s penguin in the house was a HUGE surprise.

I have voiced my concern about not finding penguins in my shows. So worried that I’ll go the whole season of a show without seeing one. Which sucks, because there are shows I really want to talk about! Man in the High Castle does not have a penguin in season one. 🙁 Maybe next season.

Well, I started watching Hung and wasn’t even thinking penguins when 33 seconds into the opening credits there is an ice cream shop with a big penguin on the side! What?! Awesome!

HUNG Penguin
HUNG Penguin

Burk’s Igloo is a cute little ice cream shop in Hamtramck, Michigan!

Hung was a show on HBO from 2009-11. It seems like a pretty good show so far, but I’m only one episode in. If I spot any more penguins in future episodes, I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

See a penguin on a TV show you’re watching? Send it to me!

Have a great weekend!


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