The Killing Penguin

Please don’t be fooled by the title, there are no penguins on a killing spree. What there is though, is a Penguin on the Set!

A while back a friend of mine suggested I watch The Killing. I’ve had it on my watchlist ever since and just haven’t gotten around to doing so. Until now and OMG y’all this show is good! When I’m watching a show, I don’t “like” it on Facebook, and I try to avoid all spoilers. However, I do know that the show’s last season is coming up, which oddly enough, is when I tend to begin a series.

Anyway, this show is about a murder. Unlike other murder shows, this one follows the investigation of one case for the whole season. It’s a nice pace which allows you to really get to know the characters. Obviously, it’s a serious show, so when the penguin appeared on a shelf in this scene, it was (kind of like the title of this post) a juxtaposition of emotions. I was into the grimness of the moment, but got giddy anyway because PENGUIN! I think I may even own this penguin.

So here is this week’s Penguin on the Set!

The Killing – Season 1 Episode 8 Stonewalled

That’s Rosie’s mom, y’all; and she’s not happy.


Hope y’all have a great Friday! Tune in next week for another episode of Penguin on the set!

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