Blue Penguin Mug

Penguin Mug Shot – #18

Penguins in tha House!

This is a cute little mug that sits on my desk and hold pens and misc things. His santa hat is chipped, but he’s still great! Looking at the bottom of the mug tells me I bought him at Target in 2008. Be Merry! 🙂

Penguin Mug
Penguin Mug #18


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Have a great day!

Tiny Glass Penguin

Penguin in tha House!

This week’s penguin in tha house is a little glass penguin that (again) I’ve had forever. I present penguin #15!

Penguin on a monitor
Penguin on a monitor #15

Here he is sitting on my piano that has finally been painted! I love this green!

Penguin on a piano
Penguin on a piano

And since Minnie got in on last week’s “Penguin in tha House”, I thought I would include a pic with Aslan in the background. Very ferocious!

Penguin in front of ferocious cat
Penguin in front of ferocious cat

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Have a great day!


You’ll Find These Penguins Attractive!

Because they’re magnets!

Welcome to this week’s penguins in tha house! I hope you liked my punny title! Monday was all about my newest PenguinCraft, cute little magnets! I declared this week Penguin Magnet Week! Have you sent me your penguin magnet pictures? Send them in and I’ll feature them on Penguins in the Wild!

I have no idea when I got these cute little magnets, but they have been on my fridge for years. For cataloging purposes, these are numbers 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Penguin Magnets
Fridge Magnets #10, 11, 12, 13

I also mentioned that I ordered some clear beads. I got them yesterday, and they are so much better! I’ll be gluing these together and posting them on Etsy soon!

Bead Magnets
Better Beads

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Have a great week!

Penguin in tha House – Penguin Surprise!

Welcome to Penguin in tha house!

This week’s penguin was a little trinket I got at Christmastime. He’s so cute all on his own, but then you open him up…

Penguin #8


…there’s a cute little necklace! I haven’t found the right occasion to wear this, and maybe I never will. But it is a penguin and it is in my house. IMG_1809

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Happy Wednesday, y’all!

This Week There are 2 Penguins in tha House!

Maybe I should call this one Penguins in tha Yard? Nah, I walked these penguins out to the backyard and took pics of them. I actually wasn’t planning on using them for this week’s segment, but as I was making more wall hangings I figured I would kill two birds with one stone. (Not penguins!)

Eraser Penguin

This first little guy is an eraser. I also have one at my desk at work, but this one was given to me by my great-niece. I do not use them to actually erase things.

Eraser Penguin – 5

Knick-knack Penguin

This one I have had since middle school. I do not remember where I got him, but he has been around a long time! So cute even with his chipped nose!

Knick-Knack Penguin – 6

Wall Hangings

I was searching the web for pics of penguins to use for my little wall hangings. Then I realized that I am writing a blog about liking penguins, so I must have a few around the house! Voila! I cut the pics into circles and transferred them to wood. Now they just need some Mod Podge and they can go up on my Etsy store!

outdoorpenguin1 outdoorpenguin2 02171601 02171604

And that’s penguins 5 and 6! Tune in next week for penguin 7…and maybe 8?

Penguin Timer

Keeping Time

Time is a valuable thing
Watch it fly by as the pendulum swings
Watch it count down to the end of the day
The clock ticks life away

-LINKIN PARK, “In the End”, Hybrid Theory

Well, this penguin isn’t a pendulum, but he will ding at you when your time is up! Welcome to this week’s “Penguins in da house”!

I bought this penguin sometime last year. He is so cute and loves watching me cook. I don’t actually use him for timing meals, because my oven has a gajillion timers on it, soooo. I may use him to time other things, like my time on the Gazelle. I do need to get on that thing. This penguin timer is #4 in my cataloguing of penguins in my house!

Penguin Timer – 4

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Have a great day!

Penguins in da house!

Y’all are awesome! I hope that I can provide some good content on this blog. Nothing too deep, nothing political, nothing radical…just some nice pictures, crafts, jokes, etc. that have to do with penguins. Something that will make you smile. 🙂

I’d like to introduce my next weekly segment called “Penguins in da house!” This will feature a penguin that is in my house. I may even number them, so I can eventually know how many there are. It will also serve as a way to preserve my memories of these little guys, because honestly some of them are ready for the trash. They have been stored too long in three different garages, and are ready to be put to pasture. Not before they are documented though! Cody told me I’m going to run out of penguins. Y’all know what that means! I’ll have to shop for more penguins!

Penguins one, two and three are a package deal because they were crafted by my children. Kayleigh and Cody created these gems for my birthday last year. They are so cute! (kids and penguins!)

Kayleigh painting on canvas – Penguins 1,2,3
Cody bendaroo sculpture – Penguins 1,2,3
Minnie helping take pictures

And I know I said “nothing too deep”, but omg this picture y’all. Such meaning, such emotion!

Penguin with cat butt in background

Have a great weekend!