Royal Penguins

Royal Penguin

Royal Penguin
(Eudyptes schlegeli)


Family – Spheniscidae – all penguins are in this family
Genus – Eudyptes – all crested penguins are this genus – (Fiordland penguin, Snares penguin, Erect-crested penguin, Eastern rockhopper penguin, Western rockhopper penguin, Northern rockhopper penguin, Royal penguin, Macaroni penguin)
Species – E. schlegeli
Size – ~28 inches tall
Weight – 6-17 pounds
Diet – Krill and fish
Conservation Status – Near Threatened



Royal Penguin Close up
Royal Penguin
Royal penguins sparring at The Nuggets
Royal Penguin

*Feature Image Up Top by Su Yin Khoo on Flickr. So cute! *


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