Pig Rescues Penguin

Pig Rescues Penguin

This may be the cutest “Penguins on the Set” ever! Considering this is the fourth installment of the series, I will say it is definitely the fluffiest one so far!

The Muppet Show

The Muppet Show aired on TV from 1976-1981. I used to watch it with my dad. I can remember watching TV with him and laughing when the laugh track would play. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t know what was going on.

The Muppets

The Muppets are back on TV, y’all! It airs on ABC, Tuesdays at 7:30 central. I have to admit, I have only watched this one episode because I do not have regular TV. We watch our shows on Amazon, Netflix, and Hulu.

S1 E11 – Swine Song

Why have I only watched one episode? While curating the web for penguin items to talk about, I saw this cute little muppet! I had to skip to episode 11 to see him!


His name is Gloria Estefan. Miss Piggy claims to have “saved” him from a frozen beach in Argentina. I’m going to add some canon to make this believable because y’all, this baby penguin is an Emperor and they don’t have those in Argentina. So, let’s say that Piggy took a side-trip to the Antarctic. We’ll even say that she went on a Quark Expedition. Gloria acquired! And oh so cute!


Argentina Baby Penguins

So, what chicks could Piggy have picked up in Argentina? She could have gotten a Southern Rockhopper, Macaroni, Magellanic, or Gentoo penguin! Here are what those babies look like:

So, Gloria is definitely an Emperor. Here we see her mimicking the baby on TV.


This one is probably my favorite screen-cap. Uncle Deadly is babysitting and puts Gloria inside a bookshelf.

I plan on watching this series from the beginning. Looks like all episodes are available on Hulu, yay! I did read that the first half of the season had terrible reviews. They brought in a new showrunner mid-way through and it looks good now!

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Have a good one!

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