Penguins in the Wild – Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens announced today that the penguins are back in the exhibit! Renovations on their space at the Aquarium Pyramid has been going on since January 11th. They are finally ready to get back in there and show off their cuteness. So, it’s only fitting that this week’s Penguins in the Wild is about our trip to Galveston last spring break!

King Penguins at Moody Gardens
King Penguins at Moody Gardens

There are three different penguin encounters available at Moody Gardens.

  • Public Penguin Encounter – $55-$75 per person
  • Private Penguin Encounter – $375-$425 per 1-4 person group
  • The Seal and Penguin Experience Package – $250 per person

I chose the Private Penguin Encounter. Reason being, it included art made by a penguin and also admission to the Aquarium Pyramid. Plus, we got one-on-one time with a penguin caretaker and got to ask all sorts of questions!

The behind the scenes tour started with our guide leading us down a hallway. Murals on the walls showed facts all about penguins. We learned about the different species of penguins, their geographical locations, and their endangeredness. (Is that a word? Spell-check did not underline it. LOL) We also saw the big kitchen area where the caretakers prepare food for the adorable waddlers.

Further down the hall and through a freezer type door, we entered the back of the penguin enclosure. Gotta keep ’em chilly! They were waiting for us behind a little gate. This guy was so talkative. His name is Watt, named after Houston Texan JJ Watt.

Watt – King Penguin at Moody Gardens


Watt and Friends – Moody Gardens

We also saw cute little rockhopper penguins.

Rockhopper Penguin at Moody Gardens
Rockhopper Penguin at Moody Gardens


I wonder what they're talking about?
I wonder what they’re talking about?


Then we went into a room across from the enclosure where they keep the penguins’ art supplies. Yep, we got to see a penguin create some masterpieces. We were hoping for Watt to walk in, but he wasn’t feeling it that day. We had the pleasure of meeting Watson.

Watson arrives in style!
Watson arrives in style!


Watson Strutting Around


Watson Gathering His Inspiration

He was so awesome and cute.

That’s me petting a penguin – Watson at Moody Gardens


Kayleigh petting Watson at Moody Gardens


He made great paintings!

Watson Masterpieces
Watson’s Masterpieces

Now that the exhibit has been redone I would love to go back and take another tour. But, if that never happens I can still say that I’ve pet a penguin! Goal met!

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