Penguins on the Set – A Penguin Walks into a Bar

No, this is not about the little penguin that was lost in Tasmania earlier this week.  This is the 5th installment of “Penguins on the Set!”


The previews of this show caught my eye because Josh Holloway. OMG so hot. Y’all remember him from “Lost” right?Josh Holloway

Basically, aliens have landed and they are taking over. We don’t see any aliens though. So far they have only been mentioned, but no sign of E.T. anywhere.

I always worry when I start a show. How many episodes will I need to watch before a penguin appears? Will there even be one? So, it usually makes me very excited when I do see a penguin! Well, when I saw this one in the fourth episode, I was all “is that a penguin?” Sure enough! There he was on the bar!

Colony Season 1, Episode 4 – Blindspot

I searched on Amazon to see if “penguin shaker” was a thing, and yep!

So cute! I’m putting it on my wish list!

I’m really enjoying all my research for this segment of the blog. Watching TV, what a chore. 🙂

You can watch Colony on its network USA, but you will need to sign in with your TV provider. Netflix has Season 1. Or, you can buy a season pass on Amazon Instant Video.

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It’s almost the weekend, y’all! Have fun!

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