Penguins on the Set – Master of None

Last week I told y’all how worried I was whenever I started watching a new show. Will I have to watch tons of episodes before I spot a penguin? Well, this week’s show put my nerves at ease straight out of the gate, with not one, but two penguins in the first episode!

Master of None

Back in February, I shared an episode from Parks and Recreation. That show’s finale was February 24, 2015, but you can still watch it on Netflix. One of the actors who was on P&R is Aziz Ansari. Y’all, he is hilarious. He’s a stand-up comedian with a bunch of his stand-up shows also on Netflix. He co-created a new gem called Master of None, which follows the life of his character named Dev, a 30-year old actor in New York. It is a Netflix original, so you can watch it there.

I haven’t gotten to watch much of the show yet, because as I said before, I found penguins in episode ONE.

When I saw this hat on this kid I was giddy.

MasterofNone Season 1 Episode 1 Plan B
Penguin hat, yay! – Master of None Season 1 Episode 1 Plan B


Took my screenshots and continued watching, not knowing I would see another just a few scenes later.

MasterofNone Season 1 Episode 1 Plan B - 2
Penguin softie, yay! Master of None Season 1 Episode 1 Plan B

I will definitely watch more episodes of this. I read that his real parents are in it! Season 2 is confirmed as well, so that’s a good sign! I’m kind of worried for next week’s segment though! I don’t have anything in the queue for Penguins on the Set! If you see one on TV let me know!


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