Penguin in Manhattan

Penguins on the Set – Maid In Manhattan

I was just telling a coworker today that I have not had any time to watch TV. My focus has been on other things in the evenings and TV is not one of them.

One of the things I’ve been doing it getting my steps in on my Fitbit Alta. I can’t make my step goals if I’m sitting around watching TV!! I’ve had five 15k+ step days in the last week!! The pounds are coming off too, woot!!

Kayleigh and I did manage to watch Maid in Manhattan a few weeks ago. This movie came out in 2002 and stars Jennifer Lopez. It also stars Voldemort which I did not expect. Looking at his IMDB page, Volde… Ralph Fiennes has been in a ton of stuff! He’s mainly a villain, so this was quite refreshing!

He meets JLo at the hotel where she works thinking she is a guest staying there. She’s actually just trying on clothes that do not belong to her. It’s all good though, they go to a bunch of places together and fall in love, yay happy times! In the midst of it all they go to the zoo where they see some really cute penguins!! Click a pic to open the slideshow!

So cute!

If you’ve spotted a penguin in a show or movie let me know! I would love to feature you and your find on the blog!!

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Have a great weekend!

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