Penguins in the Wild

I was going to name this segment “Penguins Out and About”, because that is the plan. Whenever I am out and about shopping and what-not, I hope to run into a penguin or two!  Plus, I have some posts planned about penguin encounters I’ve been to in the past. While penguins at aquariums are not “wild”, they are not in my house and not on TV, so to me, they are in the wild!

I found this penguin at my therapist’s office. I was sitting there therapy-ing, telling her about stuff and things and my new blog, Kellilikespenguins! She has just moved to a new office, so not everything in there has a place yet. She got excited and went to a corner and pulled out the cutest penguin sculpture! He’s made of metal and about 18″ tall. I asked her if I could take some pictures of it, and she gave me the go-ahead. Thus, “Penguins in the Wild” was born! PenguinSculpture

Isn’t he cute, y’all? From the side, he looks like a normal penguin, but move around to the front, he’s a skinny penguin! Just adorable! I forgot to ask her where she got him, but next appointment I will be sure to find out and update you! PenguinSculpture2

Hope y’all have a great weekend! Tune in tomorrow for this week’s Penguin Roundup!

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