Penguins in da house!

Y’all are awesome! I hope that I can provide some good content on this blog. Nothing too deep, nothing political, nothing radical…just some nice pictures, crafts, jokes, etc. that have to do with penguins. Something that will make you smile. 🙂

I’d like to introduce my next weekly segment called “Penguins in da house!” This will feature a penguin that is in my house. I may even number them, so I can eventually know how many there are. It will also serve as a way to preserve my memories of these little guys, because honestly some of them are ready for the trash. They have been stored too long in three different garages, and are ready to be put to pasture. Not before they are documented though! Cody told me I’m going to run out of penguins. Y’all know what that means! I’ll have to shop for more penguins!

Penguins one, two and three are a package deal because they were crafted by my children. Kayleigh and Cody created these gems for my birthday last year. They are so cute! (kids and penguins!)

Kayleigh painting on canvas – Penguins 1,2,3
Cody bendaroo sculpture – Penguins 1,2,3
Minnie helping take pictures

And I know I said “nothing too deep”, but omg this picture y’all. Such meaning, such emotion!

Penguin with cat butt in background

Have a great weekend!


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