This week’s PenguinCraft has been interrupted by an aching back, moving the crafting room, and 11.22.63. On Friday, I woke up and thought my back had broken into two pieces. Pain y’all. I was out for most of the weekend craft-wise. Also, my lovely houseguests have moved on, so I’m moving my craft things back into the guest room. I got a cute new lamp that I hope will inspire some new ideas. Hee hee! And my third excuse for no new PenguinCrafts this week is the Hulu show 11.22.63. Tonight was the final episode of this 8 part mini-series based on the novel by Stephen King 11/22/63. This show was so good. I wish I’d read the book first, but it was still awesome! So in lieu of a new craft, here is a look back at PenguinCrafts of the past:

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Penguin Craft
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Penguin Painting (and more plushies)
Penguin Craft – What to Make?
PenguinCraft – Magnets
PenguinCraft – Better Magnets & Paper Mache
PenguinCraft – Popsicle Stick Penguin

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