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Magnets – The good, the bad, and the pretty okay.

As mentioned last week in PenguinCraft, I decided to make magnets. Since this is my first time making magnets I hit a few snags. But, they turned out pretty good, and I’ve learned what not to do for the next round.

I ordered all my supplies from Amazon, which was my first mistake. Not Amazon’s fault, I don’t have any issues with them. I should have bought the glass beads at a local store so that I could make sure they were clear. The description online said clear glass beads, and some of them were clear. Most of them, though, had an iridescent tint.



I was able to find about 25 that were clear enough to see the little penguins through. So I mod-podged them and then hot glued the magnets on the backs. Not too bad! I’ve ordered clear cabochons for the next batch.



So, more magnets to come! I know last week I said I had all kinds of ideas for upcoming crafts.  But I don’t want to do too many different things so fast. I had a blog post come across my feed earlier this month and it brought some clarity to my penguin path. Stay on the Bus: The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work by James Clear is a great article about consistency and hard work. So rather than be mediocre at hundreds of penguin crafts, I’m going to focus on making the crafts I currently make be the best. So, I’ll be working on these things:

  • Plushies! I’m so excited to hone my sewing skills and make cute penguin softies!
  • Wooden Wall Hangings – These were fun to make. I’m going to work on the trim and make them look more refined.
  • Shrinky-dinks – Love these little keychains! I’m going to have to test oven temperatures and timing to make sure they shrink evenly. I had a lot of them roll up and not flatten out. Ugh!
  • Paintings – Painting is therapeutic and fun!
  • Magnets – So cute and fun to make!





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Have a good one!

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