PenguinCraft – Better Magnets & Paper Mache

I think I used the “attractive” magnet pun enough last week. These magnets are better! So much clearer than the other glass beads. I’m still planning on making magnets with the not-so-clear ones. Just going to use a fabric backing and make them colorful.


Last week I made a speech about focusing on just a few crafts rather than trying a new one each week. It’s going to be hard to stick to that, y’all! There are so many cute penguin crafts out there. I came across this very cute paper mache penguin on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids site:

Paper Mache Penguin Craft
Paper Mache Penguin

How cute is he? I think I may have to try this out! Maybe I’ll do a new craft each month? I just like making new things!


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Have a good one!

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