Penguin Roundup

Penguin Roundup!

African Penguin

This weekend I’ll be crafting more Phillips and tinkering around with wax paper transfers! Check back on Monday for the results!

Posts this week
Made a Penguin Today
Penguin Craft
African Penguin
Keeping Time
The Killing Penguin

Penguins in the news this week
Giant iceberg could wipe out Adélie penguin colony at Cape Denison, Antarctica
Tasmania Police charge two teenagers over little penguin deaths
Endangered penguin chicks hatch at Racine Zoo
Oddball and the Penguins review – two kinds of cute join forces
Adorable baby penguin hatch at Dallas Zoo
‘Penguin Paintings’ raise money for aquarium conservation efforts
Patagonian penguin alters migration each year to visit the man who saved his life
Penguin Parents’ Labor Division May Hurt Chicks During Lean Seasons
Daily cute: Watch penguins take a walk outside at Kansas City Zoo
Black-footed penguin hatches at New York Aquarium

Have a great weekend!

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