Penguin Roundup

Penguin Roundup

Penguin Roundup

This week at KelliLikesPenguins

I decided to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s August Photo A Day. Here are the first six!

August Photo A Day - Week 1
Colorful  /  Money  /  Shadow  /  Geometric  /  Side by side  /  Floral

Colorful – Y’all may remember Sprite the Penguin from penguin in the house a few weeks back. I thought he was perfect for Colorful!

Money – I saw these wheat pennies in a drawer a few weeks ago, so when Money day popped up, I knew just what to do!

Shadow – I wasn’t sure how this one was going to turn out. I ended up lining up a bunch of little penguins to see what their shadows looked like. It was like a penguin photo shoot audition. This little glass penguin from penguin in the house won the job.

Geometric – Ah, Herbie my birthday penguin from just last week. I tried to draw a geometric penguin, y’all. Let’s just say I need more practice. So, I ended up just filtering Herbie’s pic from my birthday post.

Side by side – This side by side was supposed to look like those “spot the difference” puzzles. I didn’t set up the tripod, so the backgrounds look slightly different. I still like the sunrise pics! Featuring Kevin and the statue penguin I never named.

Floral – My finely patina’d brass penguin stood among some fake flowers for today’s photo. He looks pretty cute!

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Posts This Week

No new posts this week, but I did update the African penguin page!

Penguins in the News This Week

Surly Penguin distillery in Conestoga Township begins making sales
Baby penguin at Combe Martin gets new name
Divers who tried out for Olympics dress as penguins at Ohio State Fair
Sydney Ferries call for name suggestions for new fleet

I like the ferry link, because people have been suggesting the name Penguin. (Fairy penguin — ferry penguin — I love puns!)

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Have a great weekend!

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