Penguin Roundup – In the House & In the News!


Posts This Week
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Plushies and Wall Hangings and Wire-craft, Oh My!
Chinstrap Penguin
This Week There are 2 Penguins in tha House!
A Penguin Wedding
Penguins in the Wild

Penguins in the news this week
Penguin trust brings in expert help
Thunder Bay women to run in Antarctic half-marathon in penguin suits
Maremma dogs who inspired Oddball make way for new generation of penguin-protecting puppies
Watch a Pudgy Penguin Wobbling on a Treadmill
Head of Russian Orthodox church quizzes penguin on Antarctica visit
Aquarium Adventure introduces 20th African penguin chick
Lawrence Solomon: Debunking the penguin climate panic
Penguin couple celebrates 22 years together with romantic Valentine’s Day dinner 
Couple weds in penguin exhibit at KC zoo
Edinburgh Zoo penguin proposal sets hearts a-flutter

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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