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I decided to participate in Fat Mum Slim’s August Photo A Day. Here are the photos from week two!

Photo a day 2
Clouds  /  Fence  /  Draw  /  Blue + White  /  Mealtime  /  Act of Kindness  /  Salty

Clouds – August 7th was also National Lighthouse Day, so I did both! Do y’all remember Eraser penguin?
Fence – This one features Judy the Penguin from a few weeks back!
Draw – This day was also National Book Lovers Day, so I had planned to draw a little penguin reading a book. My drawing skills needs some work, so Kayleigh suggested the scene you see here. I think it worked out pretty well! Phillip is learning to draw.
Blue + White – I finally gave in and bought a Keurig. What was I waiting for? Saves a little time in the mornings, and such yummy flavors available! For this photo day I used my blue and white penguin mug that I featured a while ago.
Mealtime  – This little guy has a pudgy belly from all the eating he’s been doing for the blog! He’s eaten mac & cheese, chili dogs, and now anchovies!
Act of Kindness – I will be adopting a penguin very soon from SANCCOB. My adoption day post is in the works! This organization does great work for penguins, and I hope to visit them someday! For act of kindness day, I encourage everyone to adopt a penguin!
Salty – Who knew pouring salt in such quantities could be so fun? No watching my salt intake for this pic! Statue penguin didn’t seem to mind either. Linking back to that post reminds me that I need to go back and tweak some older posts. As the blog ages, I find new ways of doing things and I feel like the older posts could look a lot better!

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I didn’t post anything this week! New posts coming soon!

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