Penguin Painting (and more plushies)

Penguin Painting

Happy Leap Day! I think this should be a world holiday every four years. It’s an extra day, so why not? Fun for all!

Another Plushie!

This weekend I made another plushie. I cut out all the fabric I needed to make ten penguins. Then I sewed the little arms and legs, so now all I have to do is piece them all together. Also, stuff them, sew that hole, and they’re good to go! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen my little arms pic:

penguin arms

I also moved the eye placement on the newest one. What do y’all think? Better?penguin stuffed animal

Penguin Painting

Sunday I decided to paint penguins on some canvases I’ve had in my room for a while. I already had the paint in my bedroom colors. I’ve just been waiting for inspiration. I finally decided penguins are the way to go! I haven’t painted in 25 years or so. This was a lot of fun! And it wasn’t a naked human! penguin painting

I got these canvases to go on either side of the vanity in my bedroom. On one side I have this beauty.oldcommunicator Some kind of walkie-talkie in the wall that was popular in the 70s and 80s. They do not work. Not even hooked up to electrical. They are just hanging there in various rooms throughout the house, and there’s even one on the back deck. So, I have no problem removing them from my decor.

So, I took it down and OMG at one point this room had red paint.redwall I cannot imagine a room this size all in red. Would give me a headache. Now lies this gaping hole… so I put a couple of nails above the hole and hung up my painting. I’ll be working on the other side this week!penguin painting 2

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Have a great week, y’all!

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