Penguin on the Moon

Penguin in the House

This week’s penguin in the house was inspired by National Moon Day. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. So, I present Neil the Penguin!

Neil the Penguin
Neil the Penguin

Neil is a TY Beanie Ball and I think we got him at Target. He is so cute and round. I actually have two Neils, one that my co-worker gave me as a birthday gift, and one that my son got me for Mother’s Day one year. I’ve used Neil in a couple of different posts, but he wasn’t named until today. I love when things fall into place. The moon lamp Neil is sitting on is actually flat. I laid it on a black fluffy blanket and sat him up top. The moon lamp does the phases and is really nice. I got it from Amazon, Uncle Milton’s Moon in my Room.

Proverbial Penguin - p1
Proverbial Penguin – p1
Monday Penguin
Monday Penguin

Neil is #29 and #30 in the Penguin in the House series. He is available on a variety of goodies at my Society6 shop:

Neil the Penguin Society6
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Have a great day!

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