Penguin Hodgepodge

Penguin Hodgepodge and a New Blog!

Hodge’n and Podge’n

I’m on the bus headed home trying to think about things to write about. Crazy thought, maybe a post about penguins! The problem is I’m in the very back of the bus and the lady next to me has plenty of room to scoot over, but apparently she wants to sit close to me and lean the other way. It’s like she’s ready to fart in my direction. Unsettling really, so how do I continue writing? I guess the blog must go on!

Photo a Day

I hope y’all are all following and enjoying the Fat Mum Slim Photo a day challenge that I’m doing this month. If not, get on over to my Instagram and follow me! I’m having a blast creating photos based on the daily prompts! This is my favorite so far:

Shadowy penguin * Photo a day * Day 3 * Shadow * #fmsphotoaday #shadow #penguin #penguinstagram

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Coming Up

Since I have all the penguin species in place, I’ve been trying to think about new segments to feature in the blog. I was thinking about a somehow-penguin-related home decorating segment. I will have to be sure that there are penguins in each project of course, but I think it would be fun!

I’m also thinking about revisiting penguin crafting in some way. Especially with Christmas just around the corner. Penguins love Christmas! Most penguins love cold in general, so maybe I should knit some penguin hats. Anyone want to come over and teach me how to knit?


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Have a great week!

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