Penguin Craft

Tonight I have spent my blogging time not writing, but switching to a new host server. It actually went pretty smoothly and the site is already up and running! Normally Monday would be my latest penguin craft, but I do have a day job so I must sleep sometime.

I will say that my next crafting adventure will be based on this post from The Art of Doing Stuff. I have a ton of wood in the garage, and I’m really excited to see how this process turns out on a more refined piece. I did a test run on a non-sanded slat I had handy:


Hoping that a smoother finish will have a better result! Tune in next Monday!

Oh, and by the way, my first penguin craft has been abducted by Kayleigh. She assures me that he is doing well, and his name is now Phillip.


Have a great week y’all!

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