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Penguin Craft & Shops & PSA’s

Well, I guess I’ll call this Penguin Craft. As I begin this post on the bus ride home, I have no idea what I’m going to talk about. Not sure how to jump back into penguin blogging after the events from the weekend. I can say that I did no crafting at all, although I did talk about my handmade goods and my printed merchandise a little. I think I’ll use this space to chat with you about that and also introduce a fun new floater feature!

Handmade Items

Penguin Plushie
Penguin Plushie

I feel like the shopping outlets I have set up now are pretty good. My handmade stuffed animal penguin is currently available on Amazon and Etsy. I guess I have a little internal contest going to see which platform will sell first. I like both websites, but I’m rooting for Etsy because it just seems more personal. I shop at Amazon weekly, and I think of it as a big box store. My picture on Amazon is kind of unnerving!

Print-on-demand Shops


The other stores I have set up are RedBubble, Society6, and Zazzle. I have just discovered these print-on-demand shops and I’m loving them! My geek girl spirit loves chopping pictures into all the various sizes needed for all the different merchandise available. When I decide on a photo for the week, I can’t wait to see it on all the different things! So why do I have three of these types of shops? Well, they don’t all have the same goods. I like RedBubble’s stickers and spiral notebooks. I like the duvets and shower curtains on Society6. And, I like the mousepads and flasks on Zazzle. So many cute items to put penguins on! If you see a design you like and want it on a thing, let me know and I will size it and get it on there for you!

Proverbial Penguin

You may have seen Proverbial Penguin at the end of The Flash post a couple of weeks ago. This will be a segment that will pop up now and then, so you’d better subscribe now so you don’t miss it!

Proverbial Penguin - p1
Proverbial Penguin – p1



So, that’s it for penguin talk today. A couple of PSA’s:

Visit with your siblings before it’s too late!

Quit smoking!


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