Penguin Craft

Penguin Craft – Same Old Same Old

How was your weekend? Mine was awesome and not awesome. Brought my girl home from college for a few weeks before she goes back for the summer session. Yay! I love having her at home! But, also had to visit my brother in hospice care. Not yay. It’s weird saying goodbye to a sibling.

Magnet Tins

Not much new on the penguin front. I did get the new tins to package the magnets in. They are really cute! Find them on Etsy! No longer available.

Magnet Tins
Magnet Tins

Stuffed Penguin on Amazon

I also got word that my stuffed penguins are available for sale on Amazon now! All sold out!

My Plushie Penguin on Amazon!
My Plushie Penguin on Amazon!

So many cute handmade items are popping up there!

What do you want to see?

I would like to have three main penguin crafts that I do. Currently, I have the plushies and the magnets, so I need a really cute and fun third craft to put up on either Amazon or Etsy. Brainstorm with me y’all! What penguin craft do you want to see made! Leave your comments below!

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Have a great week!


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