Penguin Hodgepodge

Penguin Craft…or Some New Penguin Topic

Penguin Hodgepodge?

Last month I posted about my worries for this fledgling little penguin blog. Will it grow? Will y’all like it? Will I continue? The answer to all of these questions is YES!

So excited to think about the direction KelliLikesPenguins is headed. Readership has grown, sales are up, and I have great segments planned for the future.

Hello, New People!

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KelliLikesPenguins’s Facebook page hit 200 likes over the weekend! Twitter rose above 600, and Instagram is almost to 125! I’m really enjoying sharing penguin posts and photos with you. I hope you are enjoying them too!

Penguin Goodies


Visit my shops to see tons of goodies, like the iPhone cases and tote bags!

Penguin Phone Cases
Penguin Phone Cases


Penguin Tote Bags
Penguin Tote Bags

Too cute!

Future Penguin Ideas

  • Proverbial Penguin – A new penguin every now and then with an old adage of some sort:

    Proverbial Penguin - p1
    Proverbial Penguin
  • Penguins from the Past – The Throwback Thursday of Penguins

    Penguins from the Past
    Penguins from the Past
  • Penguin Book of the Week – A penguin book that I may or may not have read.
  • Penguin Goodies – New Products, fun pics, or whatever else penguin crosses my desk!

As always, feel free to send me feedback and penguin ideas, pics, etc. I love hearing from y’all!

Have a great week!


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