Penguin Craft

Penguin Craft

So many new people on the subscriber list! Welcome! I’m so excited to share penguin stuff and things with you! Be sure to check out all the categories in the sidebar to the right, a ton of penguins on the set, in the house, and in the wild await you!

Monday is Penguin Craft day here at KelliLikesPenguins. This is where you’ll find updates on my own crafts, features of penguin crafts that I’ve found on the World Wide Web, and submissions from your fellow readers! I’ll be glad to showcase your penguin creations!

Update on my Crafts

This weekend I started work on the next batch of magnets which you can order here.

More Penguin Magnets
More Penguin Magnets in the Making

They are really cute! I also ordered some tins to ship them in that will be reusable once you take out the goods and put them on your fridge. I think I can fit all seven designs in one tin. It will be a much nicer presentation than just bubble wrap and tissue paper. 🙂


The next batch is going to take a little while because I ordered the wrong sized glass domes. Funny how much of a difference 0.1” makes! But the group after these will be exactly 1” in diameter. So much easier with the 1” hole punch I have!

1" Hole Punch
1″ Hole Punch

I also will be using my own designs rather than the free Pixelbay images. They are cute, but not my own. Original creations for the win!


Crafts from around the WWW

I found a really cute craft for this week on Crafts N CoffeeStyrofoam ball penguins! How great are these?


Submit your Penguin Creation!

Share your penguin craft here at KelliLikesPenguins! I can’t wait to see what y’all send in!

Your Penguin Here
Your Penguin Here


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Have an awesome week!


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