Plushies and Wall Hangings and Wire-craft, Oh My!

Normally I use my commute to work to think about my daily post. What to write? Which pics to use? Why are Houston drivers so bad? Today was President’s Day though, and I had the day off. I hope this post is coherent.

Over the long weekend I made two more plushies and fiddled around with wax paper transfers to wood.


While making the second plushie, I though something looked a little off with the pattern. Turned out I made a PenguinShark:


So, I tweaked the pattern a bit, and the third guy turned out pretty good!
penguin2 penguin3

Penguins two and three are available at my Etsy Shop! (Penguin one was scooped up by Kayleigh. :))

Wall Hangings

My second crafting session of the weekend was met with some snags.These wall hangings involve scrap wood and my inkjet printer. Guess which one gave me the problem? Yes, the printer. There wasn’t a problem with the machine not accepting the wax paper, it was that there was low ink… I don’t even print that much y’all. Why does it seem like ink just disappears? Anyway, there was enough ink for me to make a prototype, which is also available at my Etsy Shop!

IMG_1702This craft was fun! I have lots of wood:wood4

While I was cutting circles, I had the idea to cut a penguin shape!

Minnie wanted to help me with the pics:IMG_1695 And I made a few different shapes to try out when the new ink cartridges arrive tomorrow!wood3



Next up, wire sculptures! Cody has always gotten these bendaroos for Christmas. They are basically wax sticks that can bend into whatever the kid imagines. Well at some point he found some wire in the garage and started bending that into things. He made all the cat names:minnie

And this interesting looking tree:tree

So, we are going to make penguins out of wire next weekend! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Y’all have a great week! And don’t forget to visit my Etsy Shop!
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