Penguin Blogging – Interrupted by Weather

pablo (2)

I had planned only a week off from blogging about my favorite birds, but Mother Nature decided to release her hounds on the Houston area. I did not get much sleep last night with the constant lightning brightening our powerless house. At one point we had three warnings at once from the NWS: Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood, and Tornado. Cody and I and all the cats were in the closet at least twice for 30 minute intervals. When the power came back on this afternoon, I got a glimpse of the news, photos, and videos from the area. It does not look good y’all. So many people’s homes and vehicles flooded, and I’m not even sure what the numbers of fatalities are at this time. Lots of hail too! Keep Greater Houston in your thoughts! I might take off another week because it doesn’t look like the weather will be good again ’til Friday.

Stay safe! <3 you all!


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