Northern Rockhopper Penguin

Northern Rockhopper Penguin

Northern Rockhopper Penguin
(Eudyptes moseleyi)

Rockhoppers are classified as Northern or Southern. Southern rockhoppers are then further identified as Eastern or Western. This post is all about the Northern Rockhopper Penguin.


Family – Spheniscidae – all penguins are in this family
Genus – Eudyptes – all crested penguins are this genus – (Fiordland penguin, Snares penguin, Erect-crested penguin, Eastern rockhopper penguin, Western rockhopper penguin, Northern rockhopper penguin, Royal penguin, Macaroni penguin)
Species – E. moseleyi
Size – ~23 inches tall
Weight – ~7 pounds
Diet – Krill and small crustaceans
Conservation Status – Endangered


On the screen

Cody Maverick, in the 2007 film Surf’s Up.

2007 Surf’s Up


London Zoo 11-03-2013
Rockhopper Penguin at London Zoo by Karen Roe

*Feature Image Up Top by Brian Gratwicke on Flickr. Please view this gorgeous pic as large as you can, it’s stunning! *

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