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Part of my desk job is filing a mound of paperwork. Rather than utilize paper files, I take take about an hour each day to scan the documents onto our network drive. This provides me with easy access should a customer request a copy. While I’m mindlessly scanning documents I also watch some shows. I have my current lineup of Blindspot, Mr. Robot, The Expanse, and Downton Abbey. I don’t watch Game of Thrones at work because, well, boobs.

So, there comes a time when all of my current shows have all been watched. No new episodes for their hiatus times, or waiting for a new season to start up. When this happens I have my go-to-I-need-to-catch-up-on-this-great-show Grimm. This show is funny and suspenseful and sometimes sad. All around good watch. Since I don’t view this one daily I have about four┬áseasons left to go on my Amazon Prime watch-list.

All of this set-up is to introduce a new feature (I guess they’re all new since this is only my third post) called “Penguins On the Set”. You see, the other day I was watching Grimm and suddenly penguins appeared on my screen. I think I may have squealed out loud, but who cares OMG PENGUINS! I just had to incorporate them into my blog somehow, so here they are!

Screen-capture of Grimm Season 2 Episode 4: Quill

Aren’t they cute? Hopefully I will be able to find a lot of penguins in the shows I watch. Y’all know what this means? I have to make time to watch more shows! Then, when people ask me what I did last night, I can answer “Oh, I stayed up late doing research for my blog.” So legit.


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