My First Penguin Post

Hello, World!

Hi, my name is Kelli, and I collect penguins. Many years ago when I was in middle school, I ordered some stickers. Lisa Frank penguin stickers, to be exact, and they were from the school’s scholastic book order form. After that, the penguin obsession snowballed and my collection grew. I have never counted them all, so it will be fun to see how many I have!

So, I’m going to share with my obsession with you. It had gone dormant for quite some time, as I am an adult now and have not displayed my stuffed penguins. But I do not care anymore, and I will display them as I please. Thank you very much. They will have a place in my home, it just won’t be in my bedroom. I’m thinking a large bookcase will do the trick. I’m just not sure how large it needs to be.

My plan to start with is to post at least five times a week about various penguin things. So far my topics include PenguinCrafts and Penguin of the Week. I want to explore a lot of different crafts and make lots of different penguin items. Fun things like jewelry, plushies, paintings, clay, and whatever else may come to mind!

I have met penguins in person on two different occasions. I will find the pictures and definitely let y’all know how that went. I was super excited both times! I would love to meet more penguins in the future!

What they like to eat, where they live, whether they are thriving, etc. For instance, did you know there are between 18-20 different species of penguins?  What are your favorites? Leave your comment below!

My Penguins
A Few of My Penguins

Of course, there will be fun posts too! Cartoons, jokes, all things penguin!

I hope y’all enjoy!

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