Made a Penguin Today

Alternate Title – Kelli Makes Sewing Into a Blood Sport

There is a sewing machine in my house. It is not mine, it is Kayleigh’s. Pretty sure I got it for her as a Christmas gift one year when she was young and she was all, huh? She had never voiced a desire to learn to sew. So, we’ve had this sewing machine for years and I don’t think it’s ever been used to make a thing. Oh wait, she made a dress for a bear once. Without a pattern. Without knowledge of seamstress-ing. I’m sure it looked fine.

Today I decided to make a penguin plushie. Well, I had decided that earlier in the week and ordered fleece and thread and things. But, I decided today would be the day. I too have no knowledge of seamstress-ing so Youtube videos and how-tos were streaming all morning. Made a pattern. Cut some fabric. All seemed to be going well…

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And then I added the feet and nose.


Not what I had in mind. Back to the drawing board! Literally!


Made a new pattern. Cut some more fabric. (Oh and hey! You sew-ers out there! I need to know if they make thimbles for hands, because OMG blood. Needles and my hands and  blood. Just ew.) But ah yes, looking much better this time around…IMG_1114

Uh, eyes. I do not know how to make eyes. Flashback to art class at UT, drawing naked people, but no hands, feet, faces or THOSE parts. Did not want to stare at and draw wrinkly wangs and koochies. Just no. Break to head to Joann’s for some safety eyes. Hours pass…

Safety eyes in! Stuffing in! Ladder stitch shut! Voila! My first penguin plushie!


So cute!

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