Kevin the Penguin

Where is Kevin the Carved Penguin Going to Stay?

We are mid-week, y’all! I hope you are doing well! I am on the bus and kind of drawing a blank about how to introduce this week’s Penguin in tha House. I guess I’ll just go with the flow and if you don’t like it you can leave me some feedback. ?

Since I’m going to be artfully editing the photos in order to put them on merchandise, I thought it would be fun to name the penguins as I introduce them to you. The penguin this week was carved in Peru, I wanted something that went with the K sound in carved, so I chose Kevin. This must have been a subconscious choice because later I realized why Kevin was a name in my head. My brother passed away last week, and the funeral home was providing us with a slideshow to play at his memorial. Well, when I opened up the preview that the gal sent over, it showed my brother’s photo, but not his name…it said, “Kevin”. What?!? We all started laughing, so I guess it did provide some comic relief. There was plenty of time to correct it, but you can bet no haha’s would have been heard if that happened at the actual service!

So, this cute penguin made by E&G Creatives in Peru is now named Kevin.

Kevin the Penguin #21
Kevin the Penguin #21

I’ve had him a long time and it was fun taking pics of him all over the house. I don’t know what shelf he is going to end up on.

kevin the penguin
kevin the penguin

He will be available as all kinds of goodies later on tonight!

kevin the penguin 4
kevin the penguin 21

Now I’m off to crop and resize his pics!

kevin the penguin 2
kevin the penguin 21

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Almost the weekend!



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