Honey, I Shrank a Penguin!

Alternate Title: No wire PENGUINS!! (in my best Mommie Dearest voice)

This weekend was full of hits and misses. My niece came over Saturday to prepare to paint my piano (it’s going to be green y’all!). I was just standing around watching her work, so I decided to grab some wire and give a penguin shape a go.

Wire Penguins

There is more to wire sculpting than meets the eye! Google “wire sculpture” and you will find some amazing images of beautiful wire art. I know it takes practice to get good at something, but just making this one penguin made me not want to try again. I did not enjoy working with wire. It was different when I made “huge-nose penguin plushie” and “shark penguin plushie”. They were both fail, but I enjoyed the sewing part. It brought back memories of when I was a child watching my mother sew. Sewing I can try try again, wire sculpting not so much.

Left: Cody’s Right: Mine



Sunday afternoon my nieces brought my great-nieces and nephew over to make shrinky-dinks! It was so much fun! I tried to explain that their drawings were going to shrink A LOT and to draw BIG! There were some large ones, but most of the pictures were about two or three inches. So, after we cut them all out and were watching them cook in the oven, there were shouts of “they’re so small!” and “that one used to be huge!” Good times, good memories made!

Shrinky Penguin Keychains

After the brood left, I decided to test out the shrink paper I bought for the printer. I used the same pics I used on the wooden wall hangings I made, and I think they turned out pretty well! Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. The first ones rolled up like taquitos.IMG_1770

Not sure what happened there, but if at first you don’t succeed, do it again LOL. So, I did it again and got some pretty cute keychains. I put them on my Etsy shop!IMG_1774


Then I decided to make some special keychains for my nieces. We had been joking earlier about my fail “shark penguin” plushie. So, you know I had to make keychains with the little guy on there! Well, just like fail plush, I got a couple of fail keychains. They are still going to get them though, it’s the thought that counts!


Do you have any shrinky-dink memories? Post in the comments below!

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