Delicate Penguins Drinking from Plushie Teacups

“Strike that! Reverse it!” Growing up I watched Gene Wilder’s version of Willy Wonka whenever I saw it pop up in the TV guide. It is such a good movie and that quote is one I still use all the time. I’m always saying things backwards and switching up phrases, so when I catch myself I’m all, “Strike that. Reverse it.” Gene Wilder was amazing!

Last month I participated in Fat Mum Slim’s August photo a day. Every single day! This month I have been lacking! So I’m thinking I’ll do every other month, or just do the photo prompts I’m immediately inspired by. Sometimes I’ll see a word and the penguin scene will auto appear in my head. Other times I have to force it, and other times I just go with the flow as the scene creates itself.

This scene created itself. The prompt was delicate, and I thought I had some doilies in the china cabinet but couldn’t find them. I noticed the teacups, most certainly delicate, so I grabbed some penguins and voila! Delicate post!

These are Philip penguins that I make made and sold in my Amazon Handmade shop. Now that they’ve been featured in this little photoshoot, they are also available on t-shirts, mugs, and shower curtains in my Society6 shop. So cute! Get your throw pillow now!

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Have a good one!

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