Penguins at the Polk Pick-It-Up

Penguins in the Wild

Wild penguin spotted in Diboll, TX!

A few months ago, on a trip to pick up Kayleigh in Nacogdoches, Cody and I stopped at Polk Pick-It-Up in Diboll, TX. Cody spotted this penguin! So cute!

Penguin in the Wild
Penguin in the Wild

So wild! This is the same penguin that was featured in the Mother’s Day gift post.

Penguin in the Wild
Penguin in the Wild

It is still available on Amazon too! Look at him shine!

(Reminder to my children that my birthday is in July. Just sayin’.)

Have a great weekend!


Penguins and Beavers in the Wild!

Penguins in the Wild

As always, a reminder that for this segment “in the wild” means not in my house. This week’s wild penguin is a reader submission! Big thank you to Tyler, who found these mini Frenchies (along with purple penguins and some other ones) at Buc-ee’s in Bastrop, TX!

Penguins @ Buc-ee's
Penguins @ Buc-ee’s

If you’re ever traveling around Texas and need to make a pitstop, find a Buc-ee’s! Cleanest restrooms ever!

Have a great weekend!



Penguins in the Wild – Take me to Church!

Penguin at Church

A few weeks ago we held a memorial service for my brother at my childhood church. While walking from one building to another, I spotted this penguin in the window of the nursery! I asked my niece, Staci, to take a picture and voila! Penguin in the Wild!* I know it’s a little hard to see, so let me just make some adjustments and turn him around a bit…

Penguin in Church Window
Penguin in Church Window

…much better! He is a cute baby toy!

Melissa & Doug Penguin Stacker


*If you’re new here “penguin in the wild” refers to any penguin not in my house. 🙂

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Have a great weekend!


Penguin Nametag Travis

Penguins in the Wild – Door Nametag

Penguins in the Wild – aka Kayleigh the Penguin-spotter

Just to let you know, Kayleigh has essentially provided half of the wild penguins for this segment. This week she is providing another along with the backstory…

My friend and I were walking around campus out of boredom when we decided we would drop by one of the freshman dorms to say hi to some of our friends. While waiting for a text back to see if they were in their room we waited around like awkward college students do in the lobby and that’s when I saw it: an office-esque looking door with a lot of name tags on it.

Door penguin




I have no idea who Travis is, I don’t know what he does, but I do know that one of his name tags was a penguin. I did what I always do when I see a penguin with my friends in public. I took out my phone and took a picture while they looked very confused.


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Have a great weekend!



Penguin Socks 2

Another Pair of Wild Penguin Socks from SFA

Welcome to this week’s Penguins in the Wild!

Here at KelliLikesPenguins, “wild” means any penguin not in my house. That means any penguin picture you send me could show up on this feature! Spot a penguin? Send it on in! With a story if there is one! 🙂 Here’s an example:

My daughter, Kayleigh, spotted some penguin socks on a guy in her film class at school. (I guess they like penguin socks there?)

Kayleigh Text
My daughter contributing to the blog 🙂


So, she told him about my penguin blog (awkward?) and took a pic of his Moose/Penguin/ “Hi, it’s nowhere near winter” socks. Just kidding, I don’t care what month it is, these socks can be worn whenever! I tried to find these penguin socks on Amazon, but no luck. There are a lot of cute ones though!

Wild Penguin Moose Socks?
Wild Penguin Moose Socks?

Side note: I titled the last sock post “Darn it! These penguins will rock your socks!“, and I had some people asking me why. So here’s Wikipedia to let you know… 

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Have a great weekend!

p.s. 5 weeks with NO nicotine! Yay!


Penguin Crackers

13 Amazing Facts About these Penguin Crackers

Penguins in the Wild

My amazing daughter has been providing so much material for the blog lately! She found these at a store in Nacogdoches that she did not name. I’ll narrow it down to either Walmart or Kroger. They look pretty good! I found them on Amazon.

Penguin Crackers
Penguin Crackers

Ok, now these facts may not be amazing, but there are 13 of them!

  1. The brand is Great Value.
  2. Great Value brand is not exclusive to Walmart.
  3. They look like goldfish crackers.
  4. That penguin is cute!
  5. These crackers are baked.
  6. This is 6.6 oz of cheesy penguins.
  7. 6.6 oz = 187g
  8. This flavor is EXTRA cheddar.
  9. They are made with real cheese.
  10. Serving size = 30g
  11. 120 calories per serving
  12. 220mg sodium per serving

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Have a great weekend!!



penguins duct tape

Attention: Penguins

Penguins in the Wild!

This week’s “Penguins in the Wild” is a submission sent in by Kayleigh! Kayleigh spotted these duck tape penguins in a local office supply store in Nacogdoches. They are so cute!

penguin duct tape
Penguin Duct Tape


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Have a great weekend!


Darn it! These penguins will rock your socks!

Penguins in the Wild – SFA Edition

My daughter was sitting in the film house at school late one night when her friend walked in wearing these adorable penguin socks! She was so excited! Took the pic and sent it to me right away! Remember, for this segment any penguin not in my house counts as being in the wild!

The darndest cutest penguin socks ever!


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Have a great weekend!


Penguins in the Wild – Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens

Moody Gardens announced today that the penguins are back in the exhibit! Renovations on their space at the Aquarium Pyramid has been going on since January 11th. They are finally ready to get back in there and show off their cuteness. So, it’s only fitting that this week’s Penguins in the Wild is about our trip to Galveston last spring break!

King Penguins at Moody Gardens
King Penguins at Moody Gardens

There are three different penguin encounters available at Moody Gardens.

  • Public Penguin Encounter – $55-$75 per person
  • Private Penguin Encounter – $375-$425 per 1-4 person group
  • The Seal and Penguin Experience Package – $250 per person

I chose the Private Penguin Encounter. Reason being, it included art made by a penguin and also admission to the Aquarium Pyramid. Plus, we got one-on-one time with a penguin caretaker and got to ask all sorts of questions!

The behind the scenes tour started with our guide leading us down a hallway. Murals on the walls showed facts all about penguins. We learned about the different species of penguins, their geographical locations, and their endangeredness. (Is that a word? Spell-check did not underline it. LOL) We also saw the big kitchen area where the caretakers prepare food for the adorable waddlers.

Further down the hall and through a freezer type door, we entered the back of the penguin enclosure. Gotta keep ’em chilly! They were waiting for us behind a little gate. This guy was so talkative. His name is Watt, named after Houston Texan JJ Watt.

Watt – King Penguin at Moody Gardens


Watt and Friends – Moody Gardens

We also saw cute little rockhopper penguins.

Rockhopper Penguin at Moody Gardens
Rockhopper Penguin at Moody Gardens


I wonder what they're talking about?
I wonder what they’re talking about?


Then we went into a room across from the enclosure where they keep the penguins’ art supplies. Yep, we got to see a penguin create some masterpieces. We were hoping for Watt to walk in, but he wasn’t feeling it that day. We had the pleasure of meeting Watson.

Watson arrives in style!
Watson arrives in style!


Watson Strutting Around


Watson Gathering His Inspiration

He was so awesome and cute.

That’s me petting a penguin – Watson at Moody Gardens


Kayleigh petting Watson at Moody Gardens


He made great paintings!

Watson Masterpieces
Watson’s Masterpieces

Now that the exhibit has been redone I would love to go back and take another tour. But, if that never happens I can still say that I’ve pet a penguin! Goal met!

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Penguins in the Wild – Pixel Penguin Edition

Penguins of Azeroth

It’s the weekend, y’all! It was a long week for me, what about you? I started riding the Metro into downtown. While it’s saving me money and time, it is a lot of people for me to deal with in an enclosed space. I think I’ll need this weekend to recharge my be-pleasant-to-people module. On to this week’s “Penguin in the Wild!”

There’s a little game that I play called World of Warcraft. I definitely don’t spend as much time in the game as I used to, but I still get in a few hours a week. The majority of my game time I spend raiding with my guild, Foederati of Aggramar.

Back in November of 2008, Blizzard Entertainment released an expansion of World of Warcraft called Wrath of the Lich King. This expansion introduced a land called Northrend, and do y’all know what I was most excited about? That’s right, Northrend had penguins!

Glacier Penguin

These cute little fellows are in Icecrown. They have bluish-green eyes and a nice crest. In fact, all the penguins featured today have crests, because they are all pretty much the same model. They have slight differences in pixels here and there. Let’s just enjoy the nice screenshots.

Glacier Penguins

Fjord Penguin

Another awesome penguin found in the Howling Fjord.

Fjord Penguins

Tundra Penguin

These guys are in the Borean Tundra. They have red eyes.

Flying to get to Tundra Penguins
Tundra Penguins


Pengu is a penguin that you can buy from a couple of vendors in Northrend. You can then summon him at any time and he will follow you around. These are companion pets of which there are hundreds of varieties available to collect. Gotta catch ’em all!


Mr. Chilly

Blizzard handed Mr. Chilly out back in 2009. He was an incentive given to players to merge their World of Warcraft accounts with a account. He has blue eyes and is my favorite penguin in the game.

Mr. Chilly
Mr. Chilly close-up


Penguins I’m not going to look for

King Ping – a rare penguin in the Howling Fjord. I flew around for a bit, but I’m not waiting around all day for a penguin to spawn.

Darkmoon Penguin – a penguin on the shores of Darkmoon Island. You can only get to this island when the Darkmoon Faire is active. I’m not going to wait for that to include it in this post. (He looks a lot like the Fjord penguin.)

Doopy – an elite battle pet in Icecrown. Battle pets are Blizzard’s version of Pokémon. I did not catch them all, and I don’t do elite pet battles.

Hungry Penguin – a penguin in Zul’Drak that looks like all the others!

I hope y’all enjoyed this digital version of Penguins in the Wild. I’ll be back Monday with a PenguinCraft post. Now I need to figure out what kind of penguin to create!

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Have a great weekend!

Penguins in the Wild – HEB Edition

Last week while traveling through the wild aisles of HEB, I spotted an abstract penguin on a Diet Coke can. At least I think it’s a penguin. What do y’all think? Comment below!

Abstract Penguin on Diet Coke Can
Abstract Penguin on Diet Coke Can

Short post today. I am in crafting mode! Making plushies and hope to do some paintings this weekend. Look for PenguinCraft on Monday, in the meantime, have a great weekend!

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Penguins in the Wild

I was going to name this segment “Penguins Out and About”, because that is the plan. Whenever I am out and about shopping and what-not, I hope to run into a penguin or two!  Plus, I have some posts planned about penguin encounters I’ve been to in the past. While penguins at aquariums are not “wild”, they are not in my house and not on TV, so to me, they are in the wild!

I found this penguin at my therapist’s office. I was sitting there therapy-ing, telling her about stuff and things and my new blog, Kellilikespenguins! She has just moved to a new office, so not everything in there has a place yet. She got excited and went to a corner and pulled out the cutest penguin sculpture! He’s made of metal and about 18″ tall. I asked her if I could take some pictures of it, and she gave me the go-ahead. Thus, “Penguins in the Wild” was born! PenguinSculpture

Isn’t he cute, y’all? From the side, he looks like a normal penguin, but move around to the front, he’s a skinny penguin! Just adorable! I forgot to ask her where she got him, but next appointment I will be sure to find out and update you! PenguinSculpture2

Hope y’all have a great weekend! Tune in tomorrow for this week’s Penguin Roundup!

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