Penguin Hodgepodge

Penguin Craft…or Some New Penguin Topic

Penguin Hodgepodge?

Last month I posted about my worries for this fledgling little penguin blog. Will it grow? Will y’all like it? Will I continue? The answer to all of these questions is YES!

So excited to think about the direction KelliLikesPenguins is headed. Readership has grown, sales are up, and I have great segments planned for the future.

Hello, New People!

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KelliLikesPenguins’s Facebook page hit 200 likes over the weekend! Twitter rose above 600, and Instagram is almost to 125! I’m really enjoying sharing penguin posts and photos with you. I hope you are enjoying them too!

Penguin Goodies


Visit my shops to see tons of goodies, like the iPhone cases and tote bags!

Penguin Phone Cases
Penguin Phone Cases


Penguin Tote Bags
Penguin Tote Bags

Too cute!

Future Penguin Ideas

  • Proverbial Penguin – A new penguin every now and then with an old adage of some sort:

    Proverbial Penguin - p1
    Proverbial Penguin
  • Penguins from the Past – The Throwback Thursday of Penguins

    Penguins from the Past
    Penguins from the Past
  • Penguin Book of the Week – A penguin book that I may or may not have read.
  • Penguin Goodies – New Products, fun pics, or whatever else penguin crosses my desk!

As always, feel free to send me feedback and penguin ideas, pics, etc. I love hearing from y’all!

Have a great week!


Penguin Shops

Penguin Craft & Shops

Well, I guess I’ll call this Penguin Craft. As I begin this post on the bus ride home, I have no idea what I’m going to talk about. Not sure how to jump back into penguin blogging after the events from the weekend. I can say that I did no crafting at all, although I did talk about my handmade goods and my printed merchandise a little. I think I’ll use this space to chat with you about that and also introduce a fun new floater feature!

Handmade Items

Penguin Plushie
Penguin Plushie

My handmade stuffed animal penguin is currently available on Amazon and Etsy no where!



The other stores I have set up are RedBubble, Society6, and Zazzle. I have just discovered these shops and I’m loving them! My geek girl spirit loves chopping pictures into all the various sizes needed for all the different merchandise available. When I decide on a photo for the week, I can’t wait to see it on all the different things! So why do I have three of these types of shops? Well, they don’t all have the same goods. I like RedBubble’s stickers and spiral notebooks. I like the duvets and shower curtains on Society6. And, I like the mousepads and flasks on Zazzle. So many cute items to put penguins on! If you see a design you like and want it on a thing, let me know and I will size it and get it on there for you!

Proverbial Penguin

You may have seen Proverbial Penguin at the end of The Flash post a couple of weeks ago. This will be a segment that will pop up now and then, so you’d better subscribe now so you don’t miss it!

Proverbial Penguin - p1
Proverbial Penguin – p1



Penguin Craft

Penguin Craft – Same Old Same Old

How was your weekend? Mine was awesome and not awesome. Brought my girl home from college for a few weeks before she goes back for the summer session. Yay! I love having her at home! But, also had to visit my brother in hospice care. Not yay. It’s weird saying goodbye to a sibling.

Magnet Tins

Not much new on the penguin front. I did get the new tins to package the magnets in. They are really cute! Find them on Etsy! No longer available.

Magnet Tins
Magnet Tins

Stuffed Penguin on Amazon

I also got word that my stuffed penguins are available for sale on Amazon now! All sold out!

My Plushie Penguin on Amazon!
My Plushie Penguin on Amazon!

So many cute handmade items are popping up there!

What do you want to see?

I would like to have three main penguin crafts that I do. Currently, I have the plushies and the magnets, so I need a really cute and fun third craft to put up on either Amazon or Etsy. Brainstorm with me y’all! What penguin craft do you want to see made! Leave your comments below!

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Have a great week!


Penguin Craft

Penguin Craft

So many new people on the subscriber list! Welcome! I’m so excited to share penguin stuff and things with you! Be sure to check out all the categories in the sidebar to the right, a ton of penguins on the set, in the house, and in the wild await you!

Monday is Penguin Craft day here at KelliLikesPenguins. This is where you’ll find updates on my own crafts, features of penguin crafts that I’ve found on the World Wide Web, and submissions from your fellow readers! I’ll be glad to showcase your penguin creations!

Update on my Crafts

This weekend I started work on the next batch of magnets which you can order here.

More Penguin Magnets
More Penguin Magnets in the Making

They are really cute! I also ordered some tins to ship them in that will be reusable once you take out the goods and put them on your fridge. I think I can fit all seven designs in one tin. It will be a much nicer presentation than just bubble wrap and tissue paper. 🙂


The next batch is going to take a little while because I ordered the wrong sized glass domes. Funny how much of a difference 0.1” makes! But the group after these will be exactly 1” in diameter. So much easier with the 1” hole punch I have!

1" Hole Punch
1″ Hole Punch

I also will be using my own designs rather than the free Pixelbay images. They are cute, but not my own. Original creations for the win!


Crafts from around the WWW

I found a really cute craft for this week on Crafts N CoffeeStyrofoam ball penguins! How great are these?


Submit your Penguin Creation!

Share your penguin craft here at KelliLikesPenguins! I can’t wait to see what y’all send in!

Your Penguin Here
Your Penguin Here


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Have an awesome week!




This week’s PenguinCraft has been interrupted by an aching back, moving the crafting room, and 11.22.63. On Friday, I woke up and thought my back had broken into two pieces. Pain y’all. I was out for most of the weekend craft-wise. Also, my lovely houseguests have moved on, so I’m moving my craft things back into the guest room. I got a cute new lamp that I hope will inspire some new ideas. Hee hee! And my third excuse for no new PenguinCrafts this week is the Hulu show 11.22.63. Tonight was the final episode of this 8 part mini-series based on the novel by Stephen King 11/22/63. This show was so good. I wish I’d read the book first, but it was still awesome! So in lieu of a new craft, here is a look back at PenguinCrafts of the past:

Made a Penguin Today
Penguin Craft
First Edition Penguin on Etsy!
Plushies and Wall Hangings and Wire-craft, Oh My!
Honey, I Shrank a Penguin!
Penguin Painting (and more plushies)
Penguin Craft – What to Make?
PenguinCraft – Magnets
PenguinCraft – Better Magnets & Paper Mache
PenguinCraft – Popsicle Stick Penguin

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Have a great day!

Penguin Craft

PenguinCraft – Popsicle Stick Penguin

Nothing new for me in the PenguinCraft department this weekend. So, I’m going to send y’all over to to check out these adorable popsicle stick penguins!

So cute, y’all!

Still working on my stuffies, magnets, wall hangings and more!

Have a great week!


PenguinCraft – Better Magnets & Paper Mache

I think I used the “attractive” magnet pun enough last week. These magnets are better! So much clearer than the other glass beads. I’m still planning on making magnets with the not-so-clear ones. Just going to use a fabric backing and make them colorful.


Last week I made a speech about focusing on just a few crafts rather than trying a new one each week. It’s going to be hard to stick to that, y’all! There are so many cute penguin crafts out there. I came across this very cute paper mache penguin on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids site:

Paper Mache Penguin Craft
Paper Mache Penguin

How cute is he? I think I may have to try this out! Maybe I’ll do a new craft each month? I just like making new things!


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Have a good one!

PenguinCraft – Magnets

Magnets – The good, the bad, and the pretty okay.

As mentioned last week in PenguinCraft, I decided to make magnets. Since this is my first time making magnets I hit a few snags. But, they turned out pretty good, and I’ve learned what not to do for the next round.

I ordered all my supplies from Amazon, which was my first mistake. Not Amazon’s fault, I don’t have any issues with them. I should have bought the glass beads at a local store so that I could make sure they were clear. The description online said clear glass beads, and some of them were clear. Most of them, though, had an iridescent tint.



I was able to find about 25 that were clear enough to see the little penguins through. So I mod-podged them and then hot glued the magnets on the backs. Not too bad! I’ve ordered clear cabochons for the next batch.



So, more magnets to come! I know last week I said I had all kinds of ideas for upcoming crafts.  But I don’t want to do too many different things so fast. I had a blog post come across my feed earlier this month and it brought some clarity to my penguin path. Stay on the Bus: The Proven Path to Doing Unique and Meaningful Work by James Clear is a great article about consistency and hard work. So rather than be mediocre at hundreds of penguin crafts, I’m going to focus on making the crafts I currently make be the best. So, I’ll be working on these things:

  • Plushies! I’m so excited to hone my sewing skills and make cute penguin softies!
  • Wooden Wall Hangings – These were fun to make. I’m going to work on the trim and make them look more refined.
  • Shrinky-dinks – Love these little keychains! I’m going to have to test oven temperatures and timing to make sure they shrink evenly. I had a lot of them roll up and not flatten out. Ugh!
  • Paintings – Painting is therapeutic and fun!
  • Magnets – So cute and fun to make!





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Have a good one!

Penguin Craft – What to Make?

I wanted to be crafty this weekend, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I plan on a mind-mapping session tomorrow on the bus, so here’s to hoping for some inspiration.

I want to provide y’all with new crafty penguins. I have plenty of crafts that I could make more of…

Crafts in progress

I still need to finish the painting that will go on the other side of the vanity.

There’s a penguin there, really there is.

I have a bunch of little body parts to sew together and stuff.

Penguin Parts

I have a bit more shrinky-dink paper to shrink.


I have plenty of wood to cut up and print on.

Wood and tools

I guess I just wanted to try something new. But now that I’ve written it all out, I realize that I have enough for now.

Future Crafts

But just in case, I did find some cute craft ideas that I will definitely be penguin-izing in the future.

The more I think about it, the more I want to make the magnets. In fact, I declare next week penguin magnet week! Send me pics of your penguin magnets!!

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Have a good one!

Penguin Painting (and more plushies)

Penguin Painting

Happy Leap Day! I think this should be a world holiday every four years. It’s an extra day, so why not? Fun for all!

Another Plushie!

This weekend I made another plushie. I cut out all the fabric I needed to make ten penguins. Then I sewed the little arms and legs, so now all I have to do is piece them all together. Also, stuff them, sew that hole, and they’re good to go! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen my little arms pic:

penguin arms

I also moved the eye placement on the newest one. What do y’all think? Better?penguin stuffed animal

Penguin Painting

Sunday I decided to paint penguins on some canvases I’ve had in my room for a while. I already had the paint in my bedroom colors. I’ve just been waiting for inspiration. I finally decided penguins are the way to go! I haven’t painted in 25 years or so. This was a lot of fun! And it wasn’t a naked human! penguin painting

I got these canvases to go on either side of the vanity in my bedroom. On one side I have this beauty.oldcommunicator Some kind of walkie-talkie in the wall that was popular in the 70s and 80s. They do not work. Not even hooked up to electrical. They are just hanging there in various rooms throughout the house, and there’s even one on the back deck. So, I have no problem removing them from my decor.

So, I took it down and OMG at one point this room had red paint.redwall I cannot imagine a room this size all in red. Would give me a headache. Now lies this gaping hole… so I put a couple of nails above the hole and hung up my painting. I’ll be working on the other side this week!penguin painting 2

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Have a great week, y’all!

Honey, I Shrank a Penguin!

Alternate Title: No wire PENGUINS!! (in my best Mommie Dearest voice)

This weekend was full of hits and misses. My niece came over Saturday to prepare to paint my piano (it’s going to be green y’all!). I was just standing around watching her work, so I decided to grab some wire and give a penguin shape a go.

Wire Penguins

There is more to wire sculpting than meets the eye! Google “wire sculpture” and you will find some amazing images of beautiful wire art. I know it takes practice to get good at something, but just making this one penguin made me not want to try again. I did not enjoy working with wire. It was different when I made “huge-nose penguin plushie” and “shark penguin plushie”. They were both fail, but I enjoyed the sewing part. It brought back memories of when I was a child watching my mother sew. Sewing I can try try again, wire sculpting not so much.

Left: Cody’s Right: Mine



Sunday afternoon my nieces brought my great-nieces and nephew over to make shrinky-dinks! It was so much fun! I tried to explain that their drawings were going to shrink A LOT and to draw BIG! There were some large ones, but most of the pictures were about two or three inches. So, after we cut them all out and were watching them cook in the oven, there were shouts of “they’re so small!” and “that one used to be huge!” Good times, good memories made!

Shrinky Penguin Keychains

After the brood left, I decided to test out the shrink paper I bought for the printer. I used the same pics I used on the wooden wall hangings I made, and I think they turned out pretty well! Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. The first ones rolled up like taquitos.IMG_1770

Not sure what happened there, but if at first you don’t succeed, do it again LOL. So, I did it again and got some pretty cute keychains. I put them on my Etsy shop!IMG_1774


Then I decided to make some special keychains for my nieces. We had been joking earlier about my fail “shark penguin” plushie. So, you know I had to make keychains with the little guy on there! Well, just like fail plush, I got a couple of fail keychains. They are still going to get them though, it’s the thought that counts!


Do you have any shrinky-dink memories? Post in the comments below!

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Plushies and Wall Hangings and Wire-craft, Oh My!

Normally I use my commute to work to think about my daily post. What to write? Which pics to use? Why are Houston drivers so bad? Today was President’s Day though, and I had the day off. I hope this post is coherent.

Over the long weekend I made two more plushies and fiddled around with wax paper transfers to wood.


While making the second plushie, I though something looked a little off with the pattern. Turned out I made a PenguinShark:


So, I tweaked the pattern a bit, and the third guy turned out pretty good!
penguin2 penguin3

Penguins two and three are available at my Etsy Shop! (Penguin one was scooped up by Kayleigh. :))

Wall Hangings

My second crafting session of the weekend was met with some snags.These wall hangings involve scrap wood and my inkjet printer. Guess which one gave me the problem? Yes, the printer. There wasn’t a problem with the machine not accepting the wax paper, it was that there was low ink… I don’t even print that much y’all. Why does it seem like ink just disappears? Anyway, there was enough ink for me to make a prototype, which is also available at my Etsy Shop!

IMG_1702This craft was fun! I have lots of wood:wood4

While I was cutting circles, I had the idea to cut a penguin shape!

Minnie wanted to help me with the pics:IMG_1695 And I made a few different shapes to try out when the new ink cartridges arrive tomorrow!wood3



Next up, wire sculptures! Cody has always gotten these bendaroos for Christmas. They are basically wax sticks that can bend into whatever the kid imagines. Well at some point he found some wire in the garage and started bending that into things. He made all the cat names:minnie

And this interesting looking tree:tree

So, we are going to make penguins out of wire next weekend! I can’t wait to see how they turn out!

Y’all have a great week! And don’t forget to visit my Etsy Shop!
[etsy-shop shop_name=”kellilikespenguins” section_id=”18584431″]
[etsy-shop shop_name=”kellilikespenguins” section_id=”18588660″]

Penguin Craft

Tonight I have spent my blogging time not writing, but switching to a new host server. It actually went pretty smoothly and the site is already up and running! Normally Monday would be my latest penguin craft, but I do have a day job so I must sleep sometime.

I will say that my next crafting adventure will be based on this post from The Art of Doing Stuff. I have a ton of wood in the garage, and I’m really excited to see how this process turns out on a more refined piece. I did a test run on a non-sanded slat I had handy:


Hoping that a smoother finish will have a better result! Tune in next Monday!

Oh, and by the way, my first penguin craft has been abducted by Kayleigh. She assures me that he is doing well, and his name is now Phillip.


Have a great week y’all!

Made a Penguin Today

Alternate Title – Kelli Makes Sewing Into a Blood Sport

There is a sewing machine in my house. It is not mine, it is Kayleigh’s. Pretty sure I got it for her as a Christmas gift one year when she was young and she was all, huh? She had never voiced a desire to learn to sew. So, we’ve had this sewing machine for years and I don’t think it’s ever been used to make a thing. Oh wait, she made a dress for a bear once. Without a pattern. Without knowledge of seamstress-ing. I’m sure it looked fine.

Today I decided to make a penguin plushie. Well, I had decided that earlier in the week and ordered fleece and thread and things. But, I decided today would be the day. I too have no knowledge of seamstress-ing so Youtube videos and how-tos were streaming all morning. Made a pattern. Cut some fabric. All seemed to be going well…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And then I added the feet and nose.


Not what I had in mind. Back to the drawing board! Literally!


Made a new pattern. Cut some more fabric. (Oh and hey! You sew-ers out there! I need to know if they make thimbles for hands, because OMG blood. Needles and my hands and  blood. Just ew.) But ah yes, looking much better this time around…IMG_1114

Uh, eyes. I do not know how to make eyes. Flashback to art class at UT, drawing naked people, but no hands, feet, faces or THOSE parts. Did not want to stare at and draw wrinkly wangs and koochies. Just no. Break to head to Joann’s for some safety eyes. Hours pass…

Safety eyes in! Stuffing in! Ladder stitch shut! Voila! My first penguin plushie!


So cute!