Delicate Penguins Drinking from Plushie Teacups

“Strike that! Reverse it!” Growing up I watched Gene Wilder’s version of Willy Wonka whenever I saw it pop up in the TV guide. It is such a good movie and that quote is one I still use all the time. I’m always saying things backwards and switching up phrases, so when I catch myself I’m all, “Strike that. Reverse it.” Gene Wilder was amazing!

Last month I participated in Fat Mum Slim’s August photo a day. Every single day! Read More

Penguin Best of August 16

Monthly Roundup

Best of KelliLikesPenguins August’16

Top Posts for August

I did not post much in August, mainly roundups and a few hodgepodges (another word for roundup?). So, I’ll just put them here:

Penguin Hodgepodge and a New Blog!
Penguin Hodgepodge
Merch Monday

I have some fun posts planned for September along with a continuation of the Photo a day!

Favorite News Stories for August

South African Oil Spill Puts Endangered Penguins in Peril
Helping the African penguin

Top Instagrams in August

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In August I participated in FatMumSlim’s Photo a day fun.

The most liked post was on Day 15 – Delicate:

Here are the top 8 for August!

Photo A Day - August '16
Photo A Day – August ’16

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Penguin Carry-alls

Merch Monday

Merch Monday

I hope you all had a great weekend! Most of the kiddos are back in school or will be starting soon! They’ll need all kinds of bags to carry their stuff in, and I have some penguin ones available! These carry-alls are really great quality. You can read all about the Quincy ones I featured a few weeks ago. I currently have 13 designs available, here are just a few:

Penguin Carry Alls
Left Column: Sprite, Neil, Quincy  //  Right Column: Waddles, Oslo, Herbie, Group

Pick out your favorite in my Society6 shop!

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Father's Day Penguin Gear

9 Penguin Gifts for Dear Ol’ Dad

Father’s Day is coming up fast! Here are some penguin-themed gift ideas!

Father's Day Penguin Goodies
  1. This is a very cute penguin phone case! It is available for a variety of phones with a variety of penguin photos!
  2. Pittsburgh Penguin Hat!! The Penguins take on the Sharks for the Stanley Cup! Not to be confused with PenguinShark:

  3. Awesome Oslo the Penguin tie! Dad will love it!
  4. I don’t know anything about guitars, but it has a little penguin on it, soooo. 🙂
  5. Waddles the Penguin looks great on t-shirts! Remember him from a few weeks ago?
  6. Dad doesn’t have to mull over what to dress as for Halloween this year. You’ve got it all planned for him!
  7. Dress him in Penguin shirts! So cool!
  8. He’ll need a guitar pick for that Gretsch White Penguin above!
  9.  Fancy Schmancy penguin cufflinks!

Shop sooner than later! Father’s Day will be here before you know it!

p.s. I like how the guitar kind of looks like the guy’s head in the main photo. 🙂

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What Works, What Doesn’t, What Now?

I started this blog on February 1, 2016, with the intention to become a two income household as a single mom. I know it will take some time to meet this goal, but I’m going to keep on trying! It’s important to critique efforts to make sure you are achieving the best outcomes. So, I’m doing a 1st quarter assessment of what’s been working and what hasn’t.

What Works

  • I love crafting little penguins. The plushies have been my favorite so far. I have parts to create seven plushies!
    Penguin Parts
    Penguin Parts

    I also love how the magnets look. I have a ton of magnet supplies ready to go.

    Magnet Supplies
    Magnet Supplies
  • Taking pics of penguins and posting them on Instagram and the blog is a lot of fun. Interacting with the people I follow and seeing all their cute penguin pics is nice. Penguins in tha house is awesome. I get to catalog how many penguins I have. Maybe I’ll catch up to the World Record someday. Goals!
  • How could I not love watching TV shows and looking for penguins? Penguins on the Set is a ton of fun! I get to watch a bunch of different shows and hunt for penguins at the same time! Yay!

What Doesn’t

  • A few of the crafts I tried and didn’t do it for me or were fails
    • Wax Paper Transfers – aka wall hangings – They were fun to do, but they need work to look more polished. I am going to have to think about these and if I want to keep doing them. I do have a ton of sawtooth hangers that I bought to put on the back of them. I don’t like to see things go to waste.
    • Wire Sculpture – I tried to expand on Cody’s love of wire creations. I haven’t worked with wire before and I don’t think I want to. It’s just not my thing.

      Wire Penguins
    • Shrinky-dink keychains – The ones I have on Etsy turned out ok. There were so many that didn’t bake right, though. I don’t know if it’s worth the time and waste of money for the fails.
  • Writing, creating, and watching all these shows is time-consuming. I have a full-time job and a teenage son at home. So when I get home from said full-time gig I have to make dinner and clean house and what-not.
  • Growing my audience. I don’t know what I’m doing here y’all. I have a great amount of page likes on Facebook. I have an awesome number of followers on TwitterInstagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. I just don’t know what to do to get my stuff circulated more. I want more penguin followers!!

What Now

  • I’m going to continue making plushies and magnets. I’m going to give the wax paper transfers and shrinky-dinks one more try. I will continue to list those handmade items in my Etsy store. I had three sales in three months! Hey, it’s better than no sales! I’m going to share my penguin photos on Society6. I found this service over the weekend and it is so cool!  Artists from around the world submit their work to the site. Society6 then produces and fulfills the orders.  My inner geek had a blast resizing photos in Photoshop. There are so many different sizes to fit all the various goods. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  • The editorial calendar is going to stay in place. I’m going to do my writing and research on the weekends. All features will remain!
    • PenguinCraft
    • Penguin of the Week
    • Penguins in tha House
    • Penguins on the Set
    • Penguins in the Wild
  • Things you can do to help
    • Share, retweet, like!! – You never know who else you know that may like penguins! Who doesn’t like penguins?
    • Subscribe to the blog! You’ll never miss a post again!
    • Feedback – Let me know what you like and don’t like about my blog! I’m always open to change!
    • Submit penguins! Send me your penguin pics! I will feature you on the blog! Yay!

Have a great week!


Penguin Happy Mother's Day Card

Top 9 Gifts for Your Penguin Lovin’ Momma

AKA My Everyday Wish List

Mother’s Day is not too far away, so I wanted to get this out there for y’all! Such cute penguin things!


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Have a great weekend!

Penguin Blogging – Interrupted by Weather

pablo (2)

I had planned only a week off from blogging about my favorite birds, but Mother Nature decided to release her hounds on the Houston area. I did not get much sleep last night with the constant lightning brightening our powerless house. At one point we had three warnings at once from the NWS: Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood, and Tornado. Cody and I and all the cats were in the closet at least twice for 30 minute intervals. When the power came back on this afternoon, I got a glimpse of the news, photos, and videos from the area. It does not look good y’all. So many people’s homes and vehicles flooded, and I’m not even sure what the numbers of fatalities are at this time. Lots of hail too! Keep Greater Houston in your thoughts! I might take off another week because it doesn’t look like the weather will be good again ’til Friday.

Stay safe! <3 you all!


Own it. Tweak it. Move Forward.

Own it. Tweak it. Move Forward.

It’s Wednesday. This should be a “Penguin in tha House!” post, but there are things that have to come first. I know this is a penguin blog, so I’ll try to work them in somehow.

It took a long time for me to be happy. I feel like I lived in a bubble as a child. I suppose we all live in an ignorant bliss of the world around us when we are little. All we do is play, go to school, laugh, ride bikes, etc. Then one day, the bubble bursts and we are aware of all the things happening around us. It’s a mad mad world, y’all. Things happen, unexpected things, and we have to learn to deal with it if we want to be content.

Own it.

When something goes wrong, be it a small thing or large, you have to acknowledge it. (Here comes a penguin y’all!) I decided to make plush penguins and sell them on Etsy. I have never sewn before. I had a pretty good idea of how to, I watched and helped my mother thread a bobbin and a machine when I was small. So, I made a pattern, and a penguin, and it was not good. I accepted that it was not good. I made another one that was decent. Then I made another one that looked like a sharkpenguin. (Maybe I should market sharkpenguins?)


When something is not working or did not work in the past, you have to know it before you can fix it. Own that mistake! Know what you did was wrong. Like my son always says, “knowing is half the battle!”

Tweak it.

So, knowing is really a third of the battle.


verb \ˈtwēk\

to change (something) slightly in order to improve it


Looking at the pattern, I could see that the back of the penguin wasn’t rounded enough. I needed to cut a bigger curve and then re-sew it to make him right. I tweaked the pattern and he turned out great.

IMG_1162Squirt too much toothpaste on your brush? Tweak it! Next time you won’t squeeze as hard. Pour all the cat food on the floor when trying to fill their bowls? Tweak it! Next time you will check that the lid is secure on the cat food dispenser. You can tweak everything! And should always!

Move forward.

Step three is to keep going. This is the most important step. If you don’t move forward then there will be no progress. It doesn’t even have to be big progress! I could have thrown in the towel on penguin number three. Just said, “oh well, I’m not any good at sewing.” But I didn’t dwell on it for too long. I sat down and made another penguin and he was round as could be.

penguin2You can’t wallow in your mistakes for too long or they can overwhelm you. Have your small pity-party. Figure out a plan to fix it. Then start with the new plan. You know the issue, you have a plan to try to fix it, so get going!

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My First Penguin Post

Hello, World!

Hi, my name is Kelli, and I collect penguins. Many years ago when I was in middle school, I ordered some stickers. Lisa Frank penguin stickers, to be exact, and they were from the school’s scholastic book order form. After that, the penguin obsession snowballed and my collection grew. I have never counted them all, so it will be fun to see how many I have!

So, I’m going to share with my obsession with you. It had gone dormant for quite some time, as I am an adult now and have not displayed my stuffed penguins. But I do not care anymore, and I will display them as I please. Thank you very much. They will have a place in my home, it just won’t be in my bedroom. I’m thinking a large bookcase will do the trick. I’m just not sure how large it needs to be.

My plan to start with is to post at least five times a week about various penguin things. So far my topics include PenguinCrafts and Penguin of the Week. I want to explore a lot of different crafts and make lots of different penguin items. Fun things like jewelry, plushies, paintings, clay, and whatever else may come to mind!

I have met penguins in person on two different occasions. I will find the pictures and definitely let y’all know how that went. I was super excited both times! I would love to meet more penguins in the future!

What they like to eat, where they live, whether they are thriving, etc. For instance, did you know there are between 18-20 different species of penguins?  What are your favorites? Leave your comment below!

My Penguins
A Few of My Penguins

Of course, there will be fun posts too! Cartoons, jokes, all things penguin!

I hope y’all enjoy!