Best of July 16

Best of KelliLikesPenguins July ’16

Best of KelliLikesPenguins July’16

Top Posts for July

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  1. Penguins in the Hall
  2. Penguin in tha Yard
  3. Penguin on the Moon
  4. A Quick Penguin Hodgepodge
  5. Something about Penguins
  6. Penguins on the Set – 50 First Dates

Favorite News Stories for July

Top Instagrams in July

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Most liked in July was the very first post of the month!

Hello July! Let's do this! #penguin #penguins #penguinstagram #july #motivation 😀❤️🐧

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Y’all liked these too!

Top Instagram in July '16
Top Instagram in July ’16

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