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Penguins on the Set!

I’m watching a lot of TV y’all. So many shows and so little time. Please help me! If you see a penguin in a show you’re watching take a pic! Screenshot, camera shot, whatever! Tell me the show name, season and episode, and I’ll feature it on my blog! So excited to get submissions from you!

This week Netflix is taking us back to December 17, 1998. This is mainly because in all the new shows I’m watching I was unable to spot a penguin. Here’s a list of my shows so far:

Already Found a Penguin

Parks and Recreation
The Killing
Master of None

Looking for a Penguin

11.22.63 – Hulu
Boardwalk Empire – Amazon
How to Make it in America – Amazon
Bored to Death – Amazon
Veep – Amazon
Moone Boy – Hulu
Please Like Me – Hulu
The Expanse – returns January 2017
Reign – CW – returns April 25th
Into the Badlands – returns ???
Mr. Robot – returns ???
Once upon a time – Hulu
Good wife – Amazon
Blindspot – Amazon
Mr. Selfridge –
Orphan Black – Amazon – returns April 14th
Game of Thrones – HBOnow – returns April 24
The Americans – Amazon
House of Cards – Netflix
Jessica Jones – Netflix
True Detective – HBOnow
Mad Dogs – Amazon

Long list! I didn’t want to link to each show, so search for them on Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu. So good! I haven’t found a penguin in a while, but I have been fully entertained. I think my favorite out of this whole list is The Americans. So intense!

Way back in the 90s there was a show called Friends. On this show, there is a friend named Joey. Joey owns a penguin named Huggsy. Huggsy is included in this week’s Penguin on the Set! So many penguins in this episode: Friends, S5, Ep10, 17 Dec. 1998 The One with the Inappropriate Sister.


penguin Hugsy Joey Friends
Joey’s penguin Huggsy on Friends


penguin hugsy joey friends
Penguin behind Joey


penguin hugsy joey friends
So cute!


penguin hugsy joey friends
Penguin on Friends

So we see Huggsy all throughout the episode. We also see Phoebe donning a very cute penguin scarf:

penguin phoebe friends
Penguin scarf on Phoebe


penguin friends
Penguins in shop window


penguin phoebe friends
Penguin scarf on Phoebe


It looks like when Christmastime rolls around again, I’ll have a better chance to spot a penguin in these newer shows. In the meantime, keep an eye out and send them my way!

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Have a great day!


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