Penguin Crackers

13 Amazing Facts About these Penguin Crackers

Penguins in the Wild

My amazing daughter has been providing so much material for the blog lately! She found these at a store in Nacogdoches that she did not name. I’ll narrow it down to either Walmart or Kroger. They look pretty good! I found them on Amazon.

Penguin Crackers
Penguin Crackers

Ok, now these facts may not be amazing, but there are 13 of them!

  1. The brand is Great Value.
  2. Great Value brand is not exclusive to Walmart.
  3. They look like goldfish crackers.
  4. That penguin is cute!
  5. These crackers are baked.
  6. This is 6.6 oz of cheesy penguins.
  7. 6.6 oz = 187g
  8. This flavor is EXTRA cheddar.
  9. They are made with real cheese.
  10. Serving size = 30g
  11. 120 calories per serving
  12. 220mg sodium per serving

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